Students all around the world aspire to earn a degree abroad because they want to experience other countries’ civic and cultural exposure and their top-notch educational standards. With that being said, most of the students, while they long for a quality education outside the country, don’t have the right resources and expert advice on the matter.

With our seasoned and professional consultants, we help in finding suitable schools; self-sponsored or scholarship sponsored for our candidates and helping them with their application. We follow up on them till the admission is sorted fully.

With our wide range of experience and connections to about 50 countries of the world which allow students to both study and work, we have the needed connections to help you with school search, job applications and ease of transit to these countries with you having the opportunity to work for 20 hours in the week which would go a long way to help in the payment of bills and tuition fee. A bonus is that studying in most of these countries will help in getting permanent residency.

Most students aren’t sure where to go or what to do thereby consuming their efforts and resources in the wrong place. Misleading information, lack of clear planning and unavailability of expert advice leads to sheer disappointment and frustrations among young students and graduates who want to further their education.

Our counselling sessions act as comprehensive guides on various issues related to the admission to colleges and universities outside the country. Instead of depending on general guidelines, we present you with a concise plan of action. We understand that your academic background, future ambitions and current circumstances are different from any other candidate. Different conditions necessitate a different and unique action plan. Therefore, we work closely with you, at a personal level and customize a specialized plan that guarantees admission to your desired college.
Examples of those countries are Canada, Australia, Ireland, USA, Germany, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway and so on.

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