Work Abroad Service:

This is meant for skilled, highly professional workers like doctors, nurses, engineers,post-doctorate etc who intend to migrate to other countries of the world. With our seasoned and experienced consultants, we help to make it happen by scouting for the job, applying and effecting ease of transition. We can also review and build their CV. Eg the UK, Canada, USA are always in high demands of highly professional workers every year to argument their shortage in manpower.

Family Immigration

This package is meant for those who want to move with families abroad either on a full relocation or partial relocation. We help in the ease of relocation with several countries of the world allowing people to migrate easily….examples of these countries are Germany, Canada, USA, Finland e.t.c

Family Reunion

This is for those who have spouses or relatives they’re planning to go and join or visit. With our expertise, we help in applications, processing until they get to their destinations or are reunited with their families.

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