Study in Germany – Converting CGPA to German GPA

Study in Germany – Converting CGPA to German GPA

If you are interested in getting a degree from Germany and are looking into MS and MBA programs, you may be wondering how to convert your CGPA to German GPA. When you are submitting your documents for German universities as part of your application, you will want to include the German equivalent of your CGPA for the admissions officers’ convenience. This also helps when you are looking at admissions requirements for universities in Germany, as minimum or average grades for the universities will be in the German GPA and you will need to convert your CGPA to GPA to see if you meet the requirements.

In India, most colleges and school use percentages or the 10-point scale, known as the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). So, if your percentage is 80%, then that directly converts to a CGPA of 8.0. The table below shows percentage in India compared to the grades by the German grading system :

Percentage in India GPA in Germany Description
90-100% 1.0, 1.3 Very good: outstanding achievement
80-90% 1.7, 2.0, 2.3 Good: above average achievement
65-80% 2.7, 3.0, 3.3 Satisfactory: average achievement
50-65% 3.7, 4.0 Sufficient: achievement barely meeting requirements
Below 50% 5 Insufficient/fail: achievement not meeting requirements

Tips :

  • The conversion isn’t perfect, as the German grading system is different than grading in the Indian education systems. Therefore, when converting your CGPA to German GPA, use it as a tool for a prima-facie comparison, not a deciding factor on which university in Germany to apply to.
  • Some colleges in India work with a percentile system, particularly if the grading system is very strict, or if the course is inherently difficult. In this case, it is better to submit your relative grades, which are your percentile grades. This is a better indicator of how you fared as a student relative to other students in that class.
  • When submitting your application to the university in Germany, make sure to explain your academic performance (your advisor can do the same in the Letter of Recommendation).
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