Globalink FRQNT-Mitacs Research Fellowships

Globalink FRQNT-Mitacs Research Fellowships


Competition year:


Deadline (application):

February 1st, 2021, 4 PM


$ 6,000 CAD


12 to 24 weeks

Announcement of results:

Mitacs will make the announcement 8 to 12 weeks after the request

Program rules

Please note that applications can be submitted
at any time up until the 1 st  February 2021, 16h.


If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the
Mitacs Business Development Specialist at your university. . 





The Globalink research grant in partnership between the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) and Mitacs aims to promote the international mobility of students whose research activities are part of the scientific program. strategic regroupings financed by the FRQNT and the networks financed exclusively by the FRQNT or financed by 3 funds (intersectoral). The research grant is an additional tool made available to strategic groups and networks to strengthen their action and influence on the international scene within the framework of established or developing research projects or partnerships.


Target customers

The Globalink FRQNT-Mitacs fellowship is for students graduating 1 st Round, 2 e and 3 e cycles enrolled full time in a Quebec university or outside Canada who meets the requirements of their curriculum as well as postdoctoral fellows.

The research work proposed for the internship must be part of the scientific programming of the strategic cluster or network. In a first step, the strategic clusters or networks select the candidates and, in a second step, the clusters or networks submit the candidate files to the Mitacs Business Development Specialist.


Eligibility conditions

All strategic groups supported by the FRQNT or networks financed exclusively by the FRQNT or 3 funds (intersectoral) can benefit from these research grants. 

The candidates proposed by the strategic group or the network must meet all the eligibility conditions defined below.


For students registered full-time in a Quebec university and postdoctoral fellows from Quebec

  •  Have Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status or permanent resident of Canada. 
  •  Be a resident of Quebec within the meaning of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). 

For students enrolled in a university outside of Canada and in a Mitacs partner country

  •  Hold the necessary study permits or visas for the entire duration of their internship in Quebec.

Training place

  •  The internship must take place outside Canada and at a Mitacs partner university for students registered in a Quebec university as well as for postdoctoral fellows from Quebec. 
  •  The internship must be done in Quebec for students and postdoctoral fellows from outside Canada.

Training period

The internship must be a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 24 weeks.

Beginning of the internship

The internship must begin no later than one year after receipt of the scholarship confirmation letter.


Students registered in co-supervision with a foreign university cannot benefit from these scholarships to go to the premises and stay in one or other of their home universities.

Postdoctoral fellows holding a postdoctoral research grant from the FRQNT and already having an internship location outside Quebec as well as postdoctoral fellows benefiting from an excellence grant for foreign students are not eligible.


Constitution and procedure for submitting the request for financial assistance

Step 1 – Selection by groups and networks

Candidates interested in this program must submit an application to their strategic group or network (see the list on the FRQNT website). The FRQNT and Mitacs leave the internal selection process to the discretion of the groups and networks. Interested candidates must therefore validate the document (s) required for the internal selection of their application with the strategic grouping or network concerned.

However, the selection of candidates must be carried out in accordance with the three selection criteria indicated in section 5. The strategic groups or networks must produce a report from the selection committee indicating the composition of this committee, evaluation process and ratings obtained from all the applications received, for each of the criteria in effect. This report must explain the concrete actions taken by the group or network to ensure a fair and inclusive selection process, favoring the support of diverse students and trainees. This report will not be sent to the FRQNT, but must be available for consultation at any time at the request of the Fund.

Step 2 – Deposit to Mitacs

Strategic groups or networks which recommend candidates must complete the appropriate form for each of the selected candidates. The form can be obtained using the Mitacs Business Development Specialist, who will also need to electronically transmit the form once completed. This form includes the full contact details of the student, the name of the research director who is a member of the strategic group or network and of the internship supervisor. A description of the nature of the internship is also required.

Strategic groups or networks will also have to confirm the start and end dates of each candidate’s internship.

All internship requests must be submitted by the strategic group or the network and be approved by Mitacs BEFORE the departure of the student or postdoctoral fellow.

Presentation deadline

The strategic clusters or networks can submit the candidacy of students, student and postdoctoral trainees at any time until st February 2021 .

Limit number of applications

Each strategic grouping or network can present a maximum of four confirmed candidates plus two reservists until the competition deadline. The total financial assistance per group or network is for four applications and will not exceed the total amount of $ 24,000. Reservist applications could be funded through groups or networks in the event that a group or several networks do not present the maximum number of candidates. 

Each strategic group or network can nominate:

  •  OUTGOING STUDENTS: students enrolled in a Quebec university or postdoctoral fellows in Quebec, so that they can do an internship outside of Canada at a Mitacs partner university. 
  •  INCOMING STUDENTS: students, students registered outside Canada or postdoctoral fellows outside Canada, so that they do an internship within the strategic group or network. 

The same rules for evaluating applications, length of internship and scholarship value apply to these two cases and do not modify the total limit of the four applications and the maximum and total amount of $ 24,000 per group or network. 

The FRQNT and Mitacs leave complete discretion to the groups and networks to determine the number of incoming (outside Canada to Quebec) or outgoing (Quebec to outside Canada) students, as long as the number of postdoctoral fellows maximum total number of applications is respected, i.e. four.


Assessment of applications

Step 1 – Applications are evaluated by strategic groups or networks according to the following criteria:

The excellence of the candidate’s academic record and aptitude for research 50 points
The correspondence of the internship project with the scientific programming of the group or network 25 points
The insertion of the internship project in the international actions of the strategic grouping or the network 25 points


Step 2 – Applications are received and evaluated by Mitacs.


Description and nature of the financial assistance

The maximum amount of each of the Globalink FRQNT-Mitacs Research Fellowships is CAD $ 6,000. The financial aid granted aims to support the student during his or her internship. Only expenses eligible by Mitacs for this scholarship will be accepted.


Duration and management of the grant

7.1 Duration

The Globalink FRQNT-Mitacs Fellowship is awarded for a period of 12 to 24 weeks maximum. Grants are approved for the period from 1 st  August 2020 to 31 March 2021.

7.2 End of internship survey

An end-of-internship survey will be sent by Mitacs to the students and postdoctoral fellows who completed the internship. This survey must be sent by email to the person responsible for business development at Mitacs no later than one month after the end of the internship, as well as to the group or network.

Groups or networks whose students fail to have produced the internship report according to the rules can no longer submit new applications until the situation is corrected.


Announcement of results

Candidates are selected by the strategic cluster or network that recommends them to Mitacs. Mitacs makes the final decision on scholarships to be awarded under this scholarship program. Internships are allocated at any time until the maximum four applications per strategic group or network have been exhausted, until the deadline for submitting applications. The strategic group or network then announces the results, mentioning that the FRQNT and Mitacs are the organizations that award the scholarship to the candidates.

Mitacs, in collaboration with the FRQNT, reserve the right to refuse an application that does not meet the eligibility requirements.


Ethics and responsible conduct of research

Any person or institution receiving a grant must subscribe to best practices in research ethics and scientific integrity. See the FRQNT Common General Rules for more details.

This includes the declaration by the candidate and the managing institution that there is no presence of real or apparent conflicts of interest which could influence the application assessment process. This applies to all persons identified in the application (eg suggested experts), the form or the documents required when submitting the application for financial assistance.

It is necessary to refer to the RGC  for any question relating to responsible conduct of research, the protection of personal information and confidentiality, intellectual property and the protection of academic freedom.


Integrity of the assessment process

Applicants or those in charge of their facility should not communicate with members of Mitacs review committees at any time unless such communications are included in the review processes. Likewise, members of Mitacs review committees should not communicate with applicants, except as specifically provided for in the review process. The identity of the members of the evaluation committees is also kept confidential in order to avoid any attempt at collusion. The Funds, in conjunction with Mitacs, reserve the right to withdraw from the competition any application that is the subject of improper intervention, attempted undue influence or collusion in the entry process. Responsible Conduct of Research Policy .


Equity, diversity and inclusion

The Quebec Research Funds wish to contribute to the support of a research ecosystem based on equity, diversity and inclusion. Measures have thus been put in place to strengthen the consideration of these principles. The people we fund are also encouraged to prioritize these in the context of their groups, networks and research activities.

For more information, please see  our statements on equity, diversity and inclusion .


Liability of the Funds

The FRQNT and Mitacs make all reasonable efforts to ensure optimal service. However, they cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the treatment they carry out of scholarship or subsidy requests. In addition, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, they cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the unauthorized disclosure by Mitacs or the Fund of personal or confidential information.


False or misleading information

The FRQNT and Mitacs assume the good faith of the statements provided to them in funding applications or in any other document submitted to them throughout the grant cycle, from the submission of the funding application, from the selection internal applications through to final surveys. Applicants and grant holders must be transparent, rigorous and fair in their statements. They must be diligent in updating information relating to their situation, if applicable.

Under the  Act respecting the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie  (CQLR, chapter M-, a person who submits a request and who declares false or misleading information in order to obtain or cause to be obtained financial assistance commits an offense, is liable to a fine and could be refused all financial assistance for a period of up to five years. When a legal person commits such an infringement, an administrator or a representative of this legal person who had knowledge of the infringement may be liable to a fine. In addition, such a declaration constitutes a breach of responsible research conduct,   of the Fonds de recherche du Québec, and may also be subject to sanctions in accordance with it.

Mitacs, in collaboration with the FRQNT, reserve the right to immediately take any measure deemed useful in order to stop the use of public funds obtained on the basis of false or misleading information, as well as to initiate recourse to obtain compensation for damage suffered and, if applicable, reimbursement of the sums thus obtained.


Free access to research results

The FRQNT and Mitacs intend to promote the freest possible access to the results of the research they fund. They want this practice to become established in all research environments and they will ensure that it promotes its expression through all the means at their disposal, in particular through the websites of each of the Funds.


General considerations

The candidate and the managing institution must comply with the eligibility conditions in force at the time of the submission of the application and the Common General Rules  of the FRQNT, throughout the period of the grant.


Coming into force

These rules apply to the 2020-2021 financial year.

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