Russian Government Scholarships 2021

Russian Government Scholarships 2021

Applications are now open for the Russian Government Scholarships 2021, which offers full scholarships to study in Russia for 1500 scholars worldwide.

The Association “Global Universities”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, offers a Russian open door scholarship for international students. The scholarship is available on the basis of the competition to obtain a master’s degree.

The scholarship is aimed at potential applicants for master’s programs and allows winners and finalists to study at any Russian university, with tuition covered by the state, which implies a 100% discount on tuition + a government scholarship in one of the Main Russian universities. members of the 5-100 project, whose objective is to increase their positions in the global research and education market with 21 Nobel Prize-winning professors and more than 360,000 students studying at these universities.

The contest is aimed at talented foreign students who wish to enroll in a master’s program in Russia for free. The winners of the competition may enroll in the Master’s program using a one-stop-shop system, choosing any of the 500 Russian universities, including 21 leading universities participating in Project 5-100.

The subject of the study: the thematic area is the field of knowledge that covers clusters of program clues that a master’s student can follow. The science area you would like to specialize in, to be brief.

  • Biology
  • Computer science and data science
  • Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Administration
  • Politics and international relations
  • Psychology
  • Physical
  • Linguistics and modern languages
  • Chemistry
  • Economic Sciences
  • Engineering technology

Here are more details about the Russian Government Scholarships 2021

Deadline is December 10, 2020

  • Country: Russia
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Regions: Any one can apply
  • Deadline:: December 18, 2019

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Participation is open to all holders of Bachelor’s degrees, except for Russian citizens.
  • English Language Requirements: Participants can take part in either Russian or English language.

Benefits :

  • Winners and finalists to study at any Russian university, with tuition covered by the state, which implies a
  • 100% discount on tuition + a government grant.
  • More than 300 scholarships will be awarded
  • The scholarship can be taken in Russia
  • After confirming your proficiency in English or Russian, you can study in that language.
  • If you need to improve your Russian, you will be offered a Russian language preparatory course.
  • You will be enrolled in a specialization indicated on your registration form.

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