June Opie Fellowship Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

June Opie Fellowship

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Applications close on 31 October annually.
Value of Award: The value of the award is expected to be about $NZ 12,000 but will vary at the discretion of the panel.
No. of awards: One Fellowship per annum.
Tenure: The Fellowship is for one year.

This is the first Fellowship of its kind in the world and its principal pupose is the pursuit of excellence. New Zealand, Australia and Canada were selected as the countries on which to focus initially in search of recipients.

The award, available to Citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, is designed as an incentive for students of high academic achievement who have a severe disability.

Selection criteria:

  • It is intended for those who plan to undertake postgraduate study with a view to preparing themselves for a role in the professions, in politics, or more particularly, in university teaching and research and who have disability issues as a continuing interest. It is important that the candidates have a knowledge of what has been and is happening in this field and the centres where it is happening. They must have a vision of the future that is of principal importance in considering disability issues.

General Information:

How do students apply?
Scholarship applications will usually open around six weeks before the closing date. Please read the regulations carefully to be sure you are eligible before you apply.
Scholarship Details

Decision makers
The awarding panel will be composed of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland or nominee; the Vice-Chancellor of the University of New South Wales or nominee who may be from any Australian university; and the President of Simon Fraser University or nominee who may be from any Canadian university. The panel shall have power to establish its procedures and to make a decision on a majority vote. It is not necessary for the panel to meet in order to conduct its business.

How and when do students learn of the decision?
The University of Auckland will administer and invest the Trust Fund. The donor states that only income may be applied towards an award. The net income not used for an award in any one year may be accumulated and used towards an award in a following year. The University may capitalise the income at its discretion but only after prior discussion with the panel.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?
Recipients of the award will be expected to participate verbally or in writing, or both, in the discussion of disability issues; write or work with writers of computer software programmes and make a contribution ot the advancement of people with disabilities. While the award is not confined to any specific programme, subject or course of study, the recipient will be expected while holding the award to engage in research or other activity that will further the advance of ideas and technology of benefit to all people of whatever disability. A report on the work done should be made available to all three university faculties involved. The donor wishes that a Fellow be an advisor to the panel for the period of twelve months following the end of the Fellowship. The donor expects the Fellow to supply written material to the panel of work done under the award and to make recommendations to the panel as to how the Fellowship can be more effectively administered, The donor desires that the Fellow contributes ‘enthusiasm, drive and creative ideas’ to benefit the thinking and planning of the panel.

Additional information
Only one Fellowship is to be awarded per annum unless the awarding panel decides to offer one or more of less than the normal maximum value; or, no suitable candidates having been found in any one year, it becomes possible to make an additional award in a subsequent year. With the panel’s approval the award may be held together with another award, providing that the rules of the latter so permit. The University of Auckland may widen the criteria for the award if, after due endeavour, it considers this necessary for the panel to meet in order to conduct its business.

Who else has information about this award?
Scholarships Office, University of Auckland.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

The Scholarship Office
The University of Auckland

Phone: +64 9 373 7599

Email: scholarships@auckland.ac.nz

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