USA has always been a dream of every student and every job seeker. American is the hub of world-class universities and job opportunities; that is the only reason every second people wants to go to America. Most of the top-ranked universities are in America; they are known for their international faculties, structures, modern lecture rooms, and don’t forget the world class research laboratories and students’ opportunities. Travelxstudy is here with another scholarship opportunity to study in the United States of America. Trinity University is offering scholarships in USA to talented and outstanding students who will start undergraduate studies. To avail the scholarship, the candidate must meet the university’s criteria each semester and maintain their GPA to continue the scholarship. Trinity scholarships will be awarded for fall and spring semesters only and not for summers. All the scholarships are renewable for all 8 semesters as long as the student meets the criteria.

There are different scholarships and awards based on different criteria and fields, including need-based, academic-merit based, and faculty based. There are many other scholarships offered by different American universities; check them out on our website, so you don’t miss any chance of studying in America.

Country: USA

Financial coverage: Partially Funded

Eligible Regions: Anyone can Apply

Below are some of the scholarships available to student from the university

details as follows:

Need-Based Scholarships

International Scholarship

Gates Millennium Scholarship

MAS Scholarship

CIE Participation Grant

Academic Merit Scholarships

Trinity Tower Scholars

Semmes Distinguished Scholars in Science

Murchison Scholarship

Trustees’ Scholarship

President’s Scholarship

Dean’s Scholarship

Trinity Scholarship

Tiger Awards

Transfer Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship

National Merit Trinity Scholarship

Tuition Exchange & Legacy Scholarships

Tuition Exchange Scholarships

Tuition Exchange Scholarship: ACS

Tuition Exchange Scholarship: Rice

Trinity Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Community & Service Scholarships

Storer and Tillman Christian Leadership Scholarship

Lubetzky Kindness Award

Trinity University Women’s Club Endowed Scholarship

Trinity University Yellow Ribbon Scholarship

Upward Bound Scholarship

Valero Alamo Bowl Scholarship

SALE Scholarship

Horatio Alger Scholarship

Baumbeger Scholarship

ARASE Scholarship

Business and Social Science Scholarships

Accounting Award

Byrd Endowed Business Administration Scholarship

Spenser Endowed Economics Scholarship

University Education Scholarship

Michael C. Kearl Award for Aspiring Sociologists

John Donahue Students Award

Fine Arts Scholarships

Baker Duncan Fine Arts Scholarship

Baker Duncan Debate Scholarship

Baker Duncan Theatre Scholarship

Calvert Endowed Music Scholarship

D Hanson Memorial Scholarship

Music Scholarship

Humanities Scholarships

Cook Endowed English Scholarship

Evans Endowed Religion Scholarship

STEM Scholarships

Uhrich Endowed Biology Scholarship

McGavock Endowed Scholarship

Abernathy Endowed Scholarship

Swalm Endowed Engineering Scholarship

To know more about the requirements and criteria, and value of scholarship, visit the official website. Due to covid-19, the process might be postponed; check the university’s website’s update before you apply.

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